Evernote Question

I did a search and read through several threads but did not find an answer to my primary question before I attempt to move from EN. I collect a lot of articles and in my EN setup those article titles are like this:


In Obsidian it seems all items are part of the navigation bar underneath notebooks (or whatever the proper terminology is in O). I don’t find that effective for scanning through long lists of info. Is there any way to emulate what I am showing in EN?

Thank You

a more beginner friendly approach is to install Make.md plugin obsidian://show-plugin?id=make-md

with the plugin you will have what the plugin call “Spaces”. From there clicking on any folder will open a “Folder Note” which u can choose a layout that display all the files within that folder. In obsidian there’s no “Notebook”, there are only files and folder (the same exact on inside your OS, be it Mac, Linux or Windows)


Thank you both. Excited to see this capability exists!

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