Events and anniversaries

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make it easier for me to record and recall events like birthdays, anniversaries of various kinds, etc.

I have a note for each person/group with a YAML header, with a format similar to:

    - 1980-02-15: "Something happened"
    - 2015-03-21: "Something of note happened"

In my daily note, I want to query a list of all the notes that has a memorable day.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried constructing a query for all files that contain the month/day portion, so I get a reminder in my daily notes of things of note.

    contains(vcard.dates, dateformat(date(, "-MM-dd"))

doesn’t return any results, and

    endswith(vcard.dates, dateformat(date(, "-MM-dd"))

reports that No implementation of 'endswith' found for arguments.

Now, I’m hitting a wall, and I need a fresh pair of eyes to help me look at the problem, and I thought I’d reach out and see if someone can help. Am I trying to solve the wrong problem? Or am I just solving the problem the wrong way?

Appreciate the help!

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