Escape character (\) should not show while on another line (Live Preview)

Basically what was already asked here. The answer to the post said that this would be implemented in v.0.14.11, now we are in v.1.3.5 and this still doesn’t work, nor I can find the option to do that. The CSS trick still works but the answer said that this would have been implemented without the CSS trick.
Sorry if this is a repost but the original thread is closed.

I think you should post your Show Debug Info, and go through the debugging steps.

For the moment, I’m going to move this to Help. If it is found to be a bug, it can be moved or reposted.

Well, looks like it somehow works now. I deleted the custom css and restarted Obsidian and it works as intended. Sorry for bothering you.
Closing the thread

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