Esc key with physical keyboard on mobile version with vim mode

In short, I cannot use the vim editing correctly on my tablet using a physical keyboard because I cannot enter back to normal mode easily.

What I’m trying to do

I want to use the vim keybings with a physical keyboard on my Mi Pad 5. The ˋEscˋ key is the same key for the character \ˋ and ˜. Which means when I’m editing text I cannot enter in normal mode while pressing ˋEscˋ or any key combination (Ctrl, Alt, Caps, Meta).

Things I have tried

  • Use other keyboard layouts
  • Use “External Keyboard Helper Pro” to make a custom shortcut.
  • Search Obsidian forums entries and internet entries with key words such as “esc key layout physical keyboard” and other various variants.

An option suggestion

Can you add a keybinding such as “Vim: exit current mode to normal mode” in order to exit the current mode (insert, visual …) to go back to normal mode. Such as, I could map ˋAlt + Escˋ to do this operation.

I am well aware this might not affect every physical keyboard user on mobile app. But, I use an official physical keyboard, thus I should not be the only one with this problem. It would be amazing to have my vim editing on my tablet for Obsidian note. I hope I did not publish a doublon or something too stupid.

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