Esc key should close the ‘Search in all files’, returning to last (Files)

There’s been a number of requests, some asking that ESC return the cursor to the edit tab and/or return the sidebar view to the last (or files) view. The first part of this has been addressed but not the second, yes all those threads were closed.

So I’m creating a redux, or asking for suggestions on how this ought to be done if it is possible.

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I don’t quite understand what you want

Sorry about that. Is there’s an easy and keyboard-based way to return to the previous view — folders — after doing a global find?

yes, bind an hotkey to the “show file explorer” command.

Thank you. As a newbie, I welcome any suggestions on tab, window, pane, and stack management. I’ve read a fair amount, and watched lots of videos on YouTube but don’t yet understand how to easily bop around via keyboard only.

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