Steps to reproduce

A link to the Excell app is working when clicking the icon at the end of the text. See in Spreadsheet. FLOW.xlsx

But it doesn’t work the same way when clicking on the MacOs BigSur 11.5’s Contacts or AddressBook app.
see One Person. Alexsandro Santa Rosa

Expected result

The same result with Addressbook

Actual result

Nothing. The app is not called.


  • Operating system: BigSur 11.5
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.12

Additional information

[Alexsandro Santa Rosa](addressbook://E43224E6-4AD9-4EAE-A560-12F62EEDA735:ABPerson)

You need to urlencode the second :

[Alexsandro Santa Rosa](addressbook://E43224E6-4AD9-4EAE-A560-12F62EEDA735%3AABPerson)

Ok. This link come from hook app. Thanks