Error when trying to auto complete link

Expected result

Miscellaneous structural note [[202009101031 Miscellaneous structural note]]

Actual result

Miscellaneous structural note 202009101031 Miscellaneous structural note

We are gonna need more contextual information. Follow the bug report template and add a screen recording (sceen2gif).

Its windows 10, Obsidian version 0.9.4.

What is the problem?

the double brackets link work when i click on it using control key but the second row with the single bracket link doesnt work, its not clickable with control key, also it looks strange.

The first row was created before the bug started. I cannot recreate it now with link auto complete method. When I try to recreate it using link auto complete method it ends up looking like in second row with the single brackets and the link doesnt work.

This is not a bug. You selected Use mardown links in the editor settings.

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Thank you. It works now.