"Error parsing Mermaid diagram" and "i.replace is not a function"

State ID are not replace with the State Description when using composite states.

Steps to reproduce

Create a note with the following content:

First: 1st State

   [*] --> First 
 First --> Second
 First --> Third

state First { 
 [*] --> fir
 fir --> [*]
state Second {
 [*] --> sec
 sec --> [*]
state Third { 
 [*] --> thi
 thi --> [*]

Expected result

Actual result



  • Operating system: MacOS 10.14.6
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.3

Additional information

Removing First: 1st State will allow the diagram to display with the incorrect title.

I don’t know. Probably this was fixed in later version of Mermaid and we haven’t updated yet.

No ETAs on when we will update our internal mermaid version.

will be fixed in 0.12.5

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