Error message when starting Obsidian

I am on Linux and when starting Obsidian I see a smallish window at the top right of the screen


How can I find out what this bad revision does refer to?

First of all I would open up the Developers Tool, and look in the Console pane to see if there are some more elaborate error message there indicating where it comes from.

After that, you could try the following and see if or when it disappears:

  • Turn off community plugins, and restart
  • If it was in the community plugins, update all of them if not done already, and restart
  • If it still in one of the community plugins, try using the Divide and conquer plugin to locate which plugin is causing the error message. This can be slightly tiresome, as you might need to restart for each time you enable/disable plugins. If you’re lucky, it’ll trigger on enabling them, so you don’t need the restart.

If it’s not in the community plugins, I’m not quite sure how to locate it, but it’s most likely in one of the plugins.

I reckon you’ve already updated both Obsidian (and the installer) to the latest version (1.1.16 for both).

Thanks @holroy .

I did a bit of what you told me. Then my gut feeling said it must be obsidian-git. Indeed the message comes from obsidian-git. Then found Obsidian-git issue: fatal: bad revision “null” #480

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