Error message after launching Obsidian

Steps to reproduce

Launching obsidian

Expected result

Obsidian vault

Actual result

Recently Obsidian often starts with an error message (translated from German):

“While launching Obsidian an error occured. Error: EBADF: bad file descriptor, Istat ‘E:\Dokumente\Obsidian\Materialien\0000-Attachments\Analogieargumente.pdf’”

The file mentioned in the error message varies. The file is not corrupt and can be opened by clicking on it in the attachments folder.


  • Debug info:

Additional information

where is your vault stored? are you using some third party sync system?

My vault is a subfolder of the Obsidian folder on my harddisk. (I use a third party sync system, but only as backup. It shouldn’t affect the files in my vault)

My first post wasn’t entirely correct. I notices that it seems to concern only two PDF-files in two different vaults. (But I can open both files from the Windows explorer without any problems.)

It’s either your third party solution (which is it?) or there is something specific about those files (permissions?!?)

Third party solution is GoodSync ( I will check the files.
Thank you very much!

I also meet the same problem. The previous version is fine, but the version will be reported after updating. Is there a solution?