Er, how do you close a vault?

Newbie here… I can’t find anywhere in the help vault or forums how to close a vault? I tried using the Vault open option and then X’ing the vault in question but it says it cannot close open vaults lol.

Thanks for a nudge in the right direction!


What are you trying to accomplish by closing a vault?

If you have more than one vault open, you can just close the window. After you close the last vault, you will have closed the app. When the app re-opens it will open with the last vault you closed.

I have more than one vault open and only want one open at the moment rather than multiples.

How do you close a vault window, more precisely? I closed all the open panes but it still shows as open in the vault file opener and says it cannot close it.

Also whenever I load Obsidan it keeps loading the help vault as the primary even though I’ve switched to my own vault before quitting.


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You would close the vault window like any other app in your operating system. Click the “X” top-right or use your OS keyboard shortcut.

Hmm, this was reported, but should have been fixed

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Ahhh I figured it out – it wasn’t exactly obvious to be because it looked like if I closed the window it would entirely close Obsidan since it doesn’t “appear” to be a window within Obsidan.

(In other words, when Obsidan opens a vault on my Mac it takes over the entire screen).

Thanks for the help!


Ah right, I’m a Windows user, so it’s more obvious. This looks like a relevant feature request

Agreed! From a usability standpoint it can be confusing. It was a little embarrassing to ask how to close a window ; )



I imported the workflows vault and didn’t find it useful so I tried to delete.
The little ‘x’ in the open vault window wasnt obvious, so i started deleting the files in the vault,Para etc

now i cant delete the empty workflows vault by closing that window at all , or with the ‘x’

just deleted the folder that was easy

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