Enveloppe: A GitHub Vault Publisher

You see everyone? That’s not how you should ask for help.

If anyone struggle to understand to how put preset (they should be loaded from a github repository), just use the import function and copy-paste the file from the preset repo.

Btw, some remind:

  • Im a solo dev, not pro and only hobbyist. I just loved worked on it while studying public health and during my unemployment.
  • English is not my native language and i try my best to be understandable. My English comprehension is perfect but my writing is not really good. I try to improve so you can help me !
  • I have disabilities (autism + ADHD + some physical like migraine or permanent pain).
  • I found a new work so I can’t work as much as before on enveloppe.
  • Dawntrail.

I got it work.
But there are some bugs.

Used GitHub - Enveloppe/Enveloppe-Quartz: 🌱 A fork of Quartz, with some adding & funny things for Obsidian Publisher

had to change token: ${{ secrets.GH_PAT }} to token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }} so I don’t have to add any secret keys to repository in .yml files inside .github/workflow

Besides when I tested some changes in code it suddenly stopped building so I had to change node version from node-version: 18.14 to node-version: 20.15 (also have this version locally)

We need to have pnpm-lock.yaml in root folder. So I had to install pnpm locally and make this file:

npm install -g pnpm
pnpm i

I have successful actions Workflow runs · anutator/anutator.github.io · GitHub

But I also have actions which I don’t need “pages build and deployment”, for example pages build and deployment · anutator/anutator.github.io@2e7bac3 · GitHub
They use hyskell (not node and pnpm) and are run dynamically. How should I get rid of this actions?

Problems of Quarts templates:

  • There is no easy way to add RecentNotes to index page after main content of my index page. There is discussion on Discord, but no simple and working template.
  • Adding RecentNotes to Right Panel after table of content is buggy.
  • Left Menu with Folders and Subfolders. Wish MkDocks the Subfolders were named after folder name. Now if there is index.md with long title it is used as subfolder name. So I had to change title for index.md pages so they are the same as subfolder name.
  • I don’t understand how to make two menus as in MkDocs — upper menu with Folders and Left Menu with there subfolders. Now all folders and subfolders are in Left Menu.
  • There is no way to add notes to code blocks as it was in MkDocks (I could push + button on the line from code and open note about it).

Jekyll - not hyskell

This actions “pages build and deployment” are always run but I don’t need them.
I think they are imported from another repo. I don’t know how github actions work — I only work every day with Gitlab pipelines.

There is no simple way to change pageWidth from 750px to 100%. I had to change it to 1100px. If you change it to 1200px (I think because 1200 +380*2 + 2 is bigger than 1920px display width), no Left and Right Menu. It is treated as mobile.

If you have problem with Quartz, you must contact the Quartz maintener. It’s includes the github action.

This fact was said multiple time, including here.
Btw, i won’t provide you any more help since your behavor and spam.