Enumerated properties (unique)

Use case or problem

Would like enumeration type properties in the new properties feature.

Proposed solution

Add two properties types:

  • enum list: Allows multiple values from a limited set.
  • enum value: Allows a single value from a limited set.

This gets a big +1 for me. Enum values add structure and enforce consistency without having to think about it, so I’d love to see them added to properties.


Does anyone have a workaround for the time being?


I would recommend changing the names of these properties types.

I really like what Notion calls these: Select and Multi-Select. Most non-programmers have never heard of enum. Plus, enum list would be confused with the existing List Property Type.


Yes, big +1 for this. This feature would be great to avoid honest mistakes

To me, several of the new Properties types are enumerated by definition.

What is missing is standard approaches in UI functionality around using them in an object oriented manner. This is why so many of us are having to go back and cleanup the use of fields and tags in the carnage we’ve left behind in our vaults.

Having properties in a now standardized yaml format will make for powerful stuff in the near future and I’d bet the creative and clever folks in this crowd are burning midnight oil on this as we speak.