Enterprisey private publishing

Use case or problem

I work in a big company’s legal department. I want to set up a knowledge base for the team. The Publish feature as currently described will probably not get approved because we would not want to have this kind of material hosted externally, and with yet another authentication mechanism. What we would want would be either (1) externally hosted publishing but with our SSO; or (2) we host it ourselves, and Obsidian just pushes the HTML to our hosting.

Proposed solution

  • Add an Enterprise product tier with corporate SSO, OR
  • Add ways to publish from Obsidian to private hosting that the user manages

Current workaround (optional)

I’m looking into kluges like obsidian-html, but I don’t love it.


Would love this as well as it would be incredible for publishing and maintaining wikis / knowledge bases internally, in keeping with the security advantages that Obsidian is able to boast about.

I too would be interested in this for internal purposes.

If you have developers on staff you could talk to them about setting up a static publishing pipeline. Obsidian is just static files and can be placed into a git repo, and there’s even a plugin that automatically commits all changes to the git repo on a set time cadence for you as well, or you can commit manually.

The pipeline can be configured to run on every commits, only certain commits, etc. When the pipeline runs it would run the Markdown files through something like Jekyll to build static HTML pages and then publish them to whatever server is approved. It could even in principle be configured to publish only files that have particular tags, or are in a particular folder, etc.

This should be something relatively easy for a mid-range dev to put together, since they usually do more complex versions of this for their coding projects anyway.

Since everyone’s environment is different its not reasonable to come up with a single turnkey solution to this, but the building blocks are there for devs to put together pretty easily.

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This would be extremely useful:

Something like Obsidian Publish, but on an intranet (i.e. independent of obsidian.md)

The scenario:
Companies can create knowledge maps (e.g. capturing all the input from a CRISP-DM process) in Obsidian and share this information with people / departments in the company.

Ideally, people would not need to install anything to navigate the knowledge maps (–> intranet-publish solution).

Being a huge Obsidian fan myself, it hurts to see how ineffective my company’s documentation for graph-like knowledge is (they use Notion). Doing this with Obsidian would be so much better…

However, putting company information on a public server (Obsidian Publish) is no option, even if it’s hidden behind a password. It needs to be restricted to the company.

I think this would make Obsidian very attractive for companies to use as a documentation tool. And it would generate revenue through lots of commercial licenses…

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I would like it to simply output a folder of HTML5 files with the exact same contents as the Obsidian Publish site.

Possibly with an FTP upload option to easily publish to your own server.

This would be huge!

Found this while searching before making a similar request

I love Obsidian, but I work in IT security, and can’t exactly justify publishing my work related notes with the current security model available in Obsidian Publish

In a perfect world, I’d even be able to do things like using frontmatter to specify required claims or scopes for viewing the note (if using an OIDC / OAuth2.0 provider like Keycloak for SSO)

I have a background in software development, and could probably put together something like what davecan described, but I’d really prefer to use a built in feature if possible


Me too. I subscribed to Obsidian Publish thinking this was possible OOTB :man_facepalming:

Hoping to one day get this feature. Won’t be able to use Obsidian in my organization until we get this. This is a pity, because I am really excited about what it could do for us.

I don’t see what the Obs devs can do to support this. Obs Publish doesn’t host anything it just pushes static files to the designated server. So ostensively with a way to push files to the server you want to use you should be able to do it.

As davecan said earlier in this thread: Obsidian is just static files

My understanding is Obs Publish doesn’t provide the hosting, you’re paying for the feature set, not web hosting. So therefore with proper access permissions (likely a higher authorization than what you need to just access, view and, upload files to the intranet server since you’d need filesystem-level access), you’d be able to do it.

I see the OP tried Kluge’s obsidian-html. I’ve authored a different package which accidentally got the same name. You can check it out here: https://obsidian-html.github.io/

It takes a bit of work to set up, and currently we are putting in a lot of new features which might make some bugs pop up, but any bugs reported are fixed in a short time span and a good thing is that it is all static and local code, so once you have a version that works you basically never have to upgrade away from the installed version until dependencies get deprecated.

Everything stays local, so there should be no issues there. The output is just html, and you can even configure it to run directly from the filesystem (so without a local http server) if you don’t need the graph view. There is a page on automating a push to a (local) git repo, and with some hooks you can have it be autopushed to your own webserver with basically no effort.

It’s not a one-click publish experience by a long shot, (though once configured it is just running one command from the commandline to sync), but I think that is (and should remain) a usecase for the Obsidian team to sell to businesses. Though looking at the timeframe of these things being requested, it does not seem to be high on their priority list.