Enter task into an existing Kanban file via popup screen


to streamline task entry, I am trying to use a popup window for entering new tasks for projects

What I’m trying to do

Based on a hotkey, I would like to open a popup window in which I enter some information for a new task to be entered.
After entering the required details, I want to choose from a list of available Kanban notes one specific into which the newly defined task is being entered in the Backlog column – either based on project name or based on defined tag.

Things I have tried

I have played around with some JS to open a popup window, entering the task details and then picking the tag/Kanban note. Opening the popup window works, but I have two challenges:

  • listing all available Kanban files
  • entering the newly assigned task into the chosen Kanban file.

I have looked through the forum but have not found anything – which might be due to not using the right search terms.

Any conceptual help is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


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