End of note metadata

okay, i feel extremely dumb but i have looked for this for a LONG time tonight and can’t find an answer. how does end metadata work? can you include in a template placeholders for metadata that you want located at the END of your note, rather than the beginning? obviously for an empty note i can just insert the information before the end metadata, but if i wanted to apply said template to notes that already have content, is there a way to make clear that the content should go ABOVE the metadata in the template, rather than below it?


That would be nice, but I am not sure it is possible. I believe that YAML formatting requires that it be placed after the first line. The first line should only have three dashes on it. Also, there should be only three dashes on the line following the last line of your metadata.

In the editor settings, you can hide frontmatter for preview mode, if that helps at all.


is there a way to insert a multi-line snippet at the end perhaps? i am stumped and feel like this must be possible through templater or something?

Templates can be used anywhere - they aren’t just for certain notes! You can add snippets using the core Templates plugin. Press CTRL+T to bring up the template picker. The selected template will insert where your cursor is. If the hotkey doesn’t work (I think it’s preset) open the command palette CTRL+P and search for template. You do, of course, have to activate the plugin :slight_smile:

Activate here if not already (from the settings/core plugins pane):

The Community Templater plugin is great (I use it for running scripts), but is not necessary for this sort of thing.

Edit in case there’s confusion about what part of your question I’m answering… @I-d-as has it correct - metadata HAS to be at the top to work. I’m only addressing the template question.


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