Encryption Password requested - V0.12.10 upgrade fails "Pick remote vault" selection

Steps to reproduce

ON Mac Mini instance…Opening after upgrade presented with “encryption password” dialog in process of “Pick Remote Vault” under Sync Plugin Options.
It was prefilled and I hit return and is not accepted. I believe I had set up as “leave encryption password to Obsidian” or some such.

Expected result

Not expected to fail password.
Other instance on Laptop MAC is working just fine and connected to appropriate remote vault without encryption PW dialog.

Actual result

Desktop MAC Mini fails encryption with an unknown password


  • Operating system: MAC Mini 10.15.7
    MAC PowerBook Pro Laptop 11.4
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.10 on both

Additional information

I had done upgrade to 0.12.10 on laptop first and selected yes to all new options.

Obsidian doesn’t autofill. Do you have some password manager that does it?

I do but not sure that gets triggered. Why, if option for obsidian to manage encryption active, does it pop up at all.

Update - still dysfunctional.
I was going to report all is well as when Obs was restarted in opened to the page I had been working on in laptop with entries synced.

Go to the Sync config page and first question is Pick Remote Vault and the password pops up.

I never set a password. It was blank and won’t take null.

How is it syncing to what I worked on minutes ago. The vault seems to be connected yet wants to select and enter password.
Opened my laptop V11 running and the stuff I had entered into the “disconnected” instance on desktop is synced perfectly.
Environment…Vault on iCloud.

Backing up my data again just now…

Near realtime update…pardon spam. Mute as desired.

SO left on desktop with sync turnoff due to no vault linked.

Document edited on Laptop is synced just fine in Desktop with sync not linked to vault.

My understanding is that you contacted support a while back. Our guess is that you set a password and forgot about it. There is nothing we can do about it.

My advice is

  1. Create a backup of your vault
  2. Disconnect and Delete the remote vault
  3. Delete the notes on the computer that doesn’t currently have the up to date notes.
  4. Create a new remote vault and connect your Obsidiands to it. If you chose a password, write it down somewhere.

We do not recommend you mix Obsidian Sync and ICloud.