Enabling Sync started duplicating/multiplying my folders

Things I have tried

Searching everywhere for a solution

What I’m trying to do

Guys please help. My files started duplicating and multiplying sync paying and enabling Sync. I searched the forum and many people have the exact same issue and I was unable to find a solution.

I have never seen anyone having this issue. Are you using symbolic links?

Sorry, I don’t know what that means, so I don’t think so. I think it’s the exact same issue as other users having been experiencing if you google "obsidian multiplying folders sync’

What OSes are you using?
Where exactly is your vault located in all yuur devices?
Are you using something else to sync/backup your files besides obsidian?

Also, have you tried what licat suggest in the another post?
That is: did you create a vault in directory base/vault on computer 1 and on directory base on computer 2?

Thank you for your replies.

I am using Mac OS and IOS on my iPhone. The vault is located on my iCloud. I created a vault on my MacBook and selected the same folder on the iCloud on my mobile. Although my MacBook notes appeared on my phone I realized any new notes did not sync from one device to another.

Then I subscribed to Obsidian Sync and logged into my new account on both devices and then the problem happened.

I have to be honest I don’t know what you mean by this. Can you elaborate? Also, does my reply above have any effect on this recommendation?

That’s the problem you are mixing two sync services.

I see, that makes sense. So I have Sync A and Sync B turned on. Once Sync A syncs the files then Sync B sees there’s a new file and it syncs those files over. Then Sync A sees new files and it syncs them again. So it’s an endless loop.

Thanks for figuring it out! Can you please help me how to resolve this?

First have a backup.
The simplest solution is to create a new vault on your mac (not in iclould) and setup sync.
Then go in your phone, remove what you have create a ew vault and follow these instruction:

Wonderful. Done! Thank you!

Last question: how can I get to the end of this endless duplication of folders I my backup? I want to import the files from my backup but I can’t get to the bottom of this folder…

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