Enabled "Receive insider builds", but Obsidian won't update to the 0.13.X version

Hi! I’m super excited to test-drive the new wysiwyg view, so I just bought a Catalyst license and followed the steps here to enable insider builds in Obsidian. I ensured I’m logged in, and Obsidian duly acknowledges that I have a Catalyst Insider license. Then I switched on “Receive insider builds” and clicked the “Check for updates” button (see screenshots below), but I’m still stuck on v0.12.19 rather than updating to 0.13.6 as I would expect.

Does anyone have tips or suggestions on what I might be doing wrong?

You need to update your installer

Thanks @argentum , yes that fixed it. I updated my installer by removing, redownloading, and reinstalling Obsidian as described here: Update installer - #2 by xurc

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