Enable use of hidden files/dotfiles within Obsidian

Use case or problem

Simply put, I think obsidian could benefit from being able to:

  1. Show/Hide hidden files.
  2. Allow you to use hidden files as part of vault settings/configuration.

A use case for the first point is to show/hide “meta” files e.g. .templates.

A use case for the second point setting is settings attachments folder as .attachments. This in particular case would also be helpful for compatibility with azure wikis which uses .attachments and unfortunately can’t be changed.

Obsidian is actually a really great app for making markdown wikis, with the following plugins: AidenLx’s folder note & Dynamic Table of contents you can match 1:1 azure’s wiki features/settings. The only thing missing is using .attachments.

Also files that make reference to files inside folders e.g. the .attachments folder, show up as non existent in the preview mode.

Proposed solution

Make obsidian play nice with hidden files by adding a hotkey/command pallete option to show and hide them and be able to use them as part of settings. Permanently hiding the .obsidian folder might be a good idea still to prevent people from accidentally deleting their vault’s configuration.

Current workaround (optional)

For the second use case specifically, we’ve got both a .attachments and a _attachments folder in our wiki, which is often questioned.


Use case or problem

We can see the extension of file with a text icon(like “.png” etc.) after enable “detect all type files”, but we still can’t see the “hidden file” which is just used “extension” part as its name starts with ., can you provide a way to see them like VSCode does? Thanks!

I also vote for that. I would like to be able to see files with leading dots

“Azure DevIps” is a popular enterprise tool for creating wikis. It stores attachments in the directory called .attachments. Since Obsidian doesn’t see files from hidden directories, pictures from such wikis fail to load when opened in Obsidian.

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Similar to @yplvivua’s case, .github/ is a common convention as a location for storage of assets.

Upvote from me too! I would love to be able to edit my Azure DevOps Wiki with proper support for its .attachments folder