Enable 'Readable line length' in markdown preview mode, but not in editing mode

Use case or problem

I often make plans for specific things that I need to work on. It can include all sort of things like lists, code blocks etc. I also use the vim keys to write so that I have to do less context switching. Because of this I turn off the Readable line length and Line wrap options since it can make text navigation a bit weird (for me anyway).

While this all works perfectly I think it would be nice to have the option to enable the Readable line length option while in markdown preview mode, since it does make reading notes much nicer… I’ve not found a way to implement this with custom CSS and as far as I can tell there aren’t any plugins that enable this either (sorry if there are and I simply missed them).

Proposed solution

Add an option that automatically toggles on Readable line length when switching to preview mode.


+1 to this

i have the same problem, i thought it is a issue with minimal theme i am using. but now i realized that it is working in preview mode and is related to new live preview mode.