Enable mobile restriction for a vault in desktop

What I’m trying to do

I have a simple daily life vault in my phone. It’s an Android. It contains things like Restaurant list with some pictures food, to help my child learn, remember, and associate stuffs. And also for me to jote down random thought.

I am not planning to go full customisation with this vault. Or complicated synching process through GitHub or Obsidian Sync. Something like a sync/backup through wifi or cable.

I would like to sync/backup this vault into my computer. At the same time, I would like to place restriction that exists on the Obsidian Mobile App on this vault. Things like plugins that does not work in Mobile, should also not work in this vault while it’s being opened in Obsidian Desktop.
Something like Mobile-compatible plugins - Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish.

Why. This is so that if I try to do something that will not work on Obsidian Mobile app, it should not work for this vault in Obsidian Desktop.

Things I have tried


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