Enable keyboard shortcuts while browsing embedded PDF

Use case or problem

I embed lots of PDF files into my vault. I notice that when you click within an embedded PDF, keyboard shortcuts become unavailable e.g. laucher, commands, change page focus. Perhaps because the PDF’s page and scaling textboxes at the top etc require the keyboard input.

Clicking outside the embedded PDF restores shortcut functionality as usual. I can scroll an embedded PDF and maintain shortcuts, it seems to be a mouseclick that does it.

Proposed solution

maintain keyboard shortcuts after clicking within embedded PDF (I most frequently do this to copy PDF text). Or provide a keyboard shortcut to exit focus from the PDF, equivalent to clicking elsewhere (I can’t find one, have I missed it?). I wonder if something like this is possible given constraints of the existing software? someone more clever please illuminate!

Current workaround

click outside PDF to regain keyboard shortcuts.