Empty tag lines in tag pane when using date placeholders in templates

So, I’m trying to setup a hierarchical periodic notes system. The template tokens get replaced by current date values, and periodic notes get automagically grouped by Year / Month / Day inside the tags.

My ‘problem’ is that the tag placeholders from the template files themselves also show up in the tags pane as empty lines. It’s not a big problem per se, just rather anoying that my tags list gets interrupted by idle lines.

So my question is: any ideas on how I can get rid of those empty tag lines?

I’m sorry if this is obvious or has been asked before, I’ve tried searching, couldn’t find anything of help and at the moment I’m at a complete loss on where to start?
The tag pane? Maybe a known Issue? Maybe some addon that could help? Or maybe the templates themselves? I’ve tried putting the tags into a yaml block, like so:

- #periodicnote/daily/{{date:YYYY}}/{{date:MM}}/{{date:DD}}

but then the tags don’t show up in the tags pane anymore at all, even when filled in. Not sure if I missed something more or less obvious here though.

Would apreciated any insight you folks here might have.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Sorry for the crudely annotated screenshot, but I hope it helps illustrated what I’m rambling on about :wink:

edited to add : this was the same before the 1.0 update, so it’s got nothing to do with the new release

I don’t have a solution for the main problem, but you have to omit the # from tags in YAML because it’s the YAML syntax for comments.

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Oh! Thanks for the hint, I’ll check it out first chance I get!

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