Empty space in dv.table() istead of images

What I’m trying to do

I making my own table of books read (without book plugins).

  1. I have a foulder in my vault “Attachments” named. In this folder book covers. Name of file only english words without spaces for example: ‘FlowersForAlgernon.jpg’.
  2. I have notes with YAML properties. Property “image” have path to cover.
  3. I creating dv.table with dataviewjs.
  4. Column “Pictures” with images is empty.

Markdown images works in notes (not in table), and HTML is not.

Things I have tried

  1. Path types:
    a) Attachments/FlowersForAlgernon.jpg
    b) ./Attachments/FlowersForAlgernon.jpg
    c) copied obsidian URL

  2. Image types:
    a) Markdown image
    b) HTML image

  3. Checked all obsidian settings and plugins settings, tried to turn off/ turn on it.

  4. Checked obsidian file manipulating permissions.

  5. Checked that all files up to date.

  6. Tried different images.

  7. Turned off themes etc.

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