Empty Popovers

I like the ability we currently have to create notes without actually creating them via [[word]] and not clicking through to create the note. And when I create a new note, it will show up still. If this happens a couple times it tells me that I should go ahead and write out that note.

When I hover over one of these links the popover does a weird 2 px box. It would be nice to have a template that it refers to instead. One that says something like “to be created”. Or if you really want to get useful have it say “To be Created, currently X amount of links to this”


I think this is a great idea. It would also be nice to have these show up in the quick open panel (with some indication the note would be created).

I think the thing I would like to avoid is creating a link with one name for a topic, and then creating a page for the same topic with a slightly different name (without realizing I had already created links to the topic with the first name).

These do show up in graph view, so I suspect it should be possible to populate them in other places, such as file explorer or the quick open.