Emojis That Look Completely Different

As I’m using emojis a lot → it is really anoying to see totally different reprezentation of it.
In file list (1) and editor (2) one set is used while in preview (3) totally different one :frowning: Looks like different libs were used to support different set?

Steps to reproduce

copy & paste “books” emoji in places marked on screenshot

Expected result

same look and fill across whole app

Actual result

emojis that look completely different


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.13
  • Plugins: Emoji Toolbar 0.2.0

I can’t reproduce. Are you using some custom css or custom plugins?

You can also try to download an reinstall obsidian from the website, maybe you have an old installer version.

This is caused by the Emoji Toolbar plugin. See here.

Clear reinstall of version 0.11.13
and removing Emoji Toolbar Plugin solve the problem.

Thank you all for help.

I was able to fix the problem (and continue using Emoji Toolbar, which I love) by turning off the Twitter emoji support in the “Options” screen.