Emojis in folder names cut-off

GM team!

A really minor “issue” if we can even call it that lol. When using emojis in folder titles, the very end of the emoji is cut off when using an external monitor. Oddly, if I drag Obsidian onto my laptop screen, it’s fine. Drag to external monitor = chopped off at the end. For context, this was newly introduced in v1.0 as part of the refreshed default theme, it was fine beforehand


P.S. Using macOS Monterey. Obsidian desktop app v1.0.3. Default theme, default plugins. No custom CSS. No community plugins Thanks!


Seems highly likely this is (or is related to) the long-running bug with Chromium rendering emoji spacing wrong on macOS on non-retina screens.

596223 - M49 Regression: Emoji layout width too small (or character too large) on non-2x - chromium

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(to be clear that doesn’t mean it can’t be compensated for by adding margin or something like that, just trying to help debug it given it’s maybe related to a thing that has long been a thorn in my side!)

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Probably, we have another such bug


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Really appreciate the input thus far, thanks @whitenoise and @ryanc!

try to download and reinstall obsidian 1.1.9

No longer cut off. :heart_eyes:
Thanks a lot team and thanks @whitenoise for the notification. Cheers!

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