Emergency!Can't open the software! Please help!

Emergency!Can’t open the software! Please help! My current version number is 0.13.17. Everything is fine on my company computer in the afternoon, but I can’t open the software with my home computer at night.

Uninstalled and reinstalled the software, still the same!

make a full backup. delete the .obsidian folder.

Do I have to delete this folder?

no, try to delete the .obsidian folder in your vault.

Thank you very much! After deleting the .obsidian folder you can open the software now.
Current .obsidian folder contents.
But now that the workspace layout and other settings are completely restored to their initial state, what configuration files do I need to put back in?

Previous .obsidian folder contents

I don’t know what was causing you problems.

Thank you.I presume that the incomplete synchronization of onedrive is the cause.

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So my guess (this is just a guess, and like WhiteNoise said, please backup first!)

You would probably want to delete any files that were duplicated:

  • all the “cache” files
  • app-DESKTOP-4TET5GK.json (this looks like a merge conflict namespace that was added.)
  • app 2.json, app 3.json etc.
  • Any other files that either have numbers at the end, or in the file.

It looks like your OneDrive account was causing duplicated files. This has happened to iCloud users as well.

As far as I know, there should never be any numbers in any of the files in this folder. Any numbers would probably indicate that your sync tools are duplicating files.

This probably happens when Obsidian and OneDrive are trying to read/write the config files at the same time, causing a merge conflict.

Here is mine for comparison:

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