Emblemed graph previews

As Obsidian is database, there is an need for quick navigation between links. I suggest to utilize already existing graph nodes.

  1. User will hover over any link in preview mode when holding CMD
  2. Instead of file preview, the nodes graph for relevant link is show (as new layer on top of the preview mode)
  3. When still holding CMD user can hover links inside
  4. When clicking on any link in node graph relevant note is opened
  5. When dropping CMD the graph node windows will disappear

With this user can travel with enormous speed between relevant information.


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I understand the request and I have tried the feature in Obsidian - I need to hold Ctrl in order for previews to show. Perhaps different versions (you appear to have Mac, with Cmd vs Ctrl) behave differently or there’s a setting that one of us have changed?

Edit: please see this topic where it is stated by the developers that you need to press Ctrl/Cmd to enable the preview pop-up while in edit mode.

This one describes it better - that Ctrl is needed in edit mode but not in preview mode. I rarely use preview mode so that would account for our confusion. It seems strange that the two modes have different functionality.

Whatever the case, yes I agree that this should not affect the text preview and only provide an alternative.

P.s. You might want to edit the title of this feature request. Emblemed isn’t really a word - do you mean embed or embedded? Either way, perhaps “Show Local Graph Preview on Link Hover” would be a better description since the graph won’t be embedded.

Moving this to the archive, since this feature was implemented in 0.9.3 (please ping me if your feature request was not solved by this).

It was not solved by 0.9.3. If you check my list my feature request is exactly the way around.

Moved the relevant posts back to #feature-requests with a new title. I would recommend editing the original description a little bit to make it more clear (I hope the title helps too).