Embeding Book Notes - how to include author?

Quoting from a Book Note and including book author along with book title and quote

Things I have tried

I created a Book Note based on a template that prefills tags for author, name, etc. Listed chapters and filled each with quotes and notes, highlights. Now, I am trying to create a quote in another note, that will look like this (and, hoping, to have a simple template for inserting this easily!)

"Don’t act grudgingly, selfishly, without due diligence, or to be a contrarian. Also, don’t overdress your thought in fine language. ". - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 3.5

  1. Created a Book Note for Marcus Aurelius, named Meditations (Using Book Search plugin)
  2. Added “Marcus Aurelius” into the metadata, author field.
  3. Trying to quote it in another note: first part displays the paragraph I am trying to use, then the name of the book… and missing author, chapter :frowning:
    ![[Meditations#^7b1a02]] -[[Meditations]],

Question: how do I display the Author? (listed in metadata at the top of each Book Note)
Can I have a link to a chapter number?

Thank you!!!

I think you have to use Dataview. There are no native ways to query note’s metadata.

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Thank you!

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