Embedding too many videos breaks Obsidian

Steps to reproduce

27 .md pages
about 60 videos varying 2mb~500mb in size
0~10 videos/page, no repeating
the 10 video page was the last one made

Expected result

Well, all pages functioning normally, videos loading and etc.

Actual result

Obsidian got stuck on the last page I made (the one with 10 embedded videos)
I could edit it, but the edits wouldn’t save.
I couldn’t open other files (as it seems, the pages took forever to open, but eventually it opened)
When tried to do it again, the pages I tried to open got saved as the previous page. Now I have several pages named differently, but with the same content.


  • Operating system:
    Windows 10

  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

After editing the files and removing about 20 embeds it worked normally (first I removed the 10 embeds from the last page, using Typora, it didn’t worked, the videos weren’t embedded anymore, but Obsidian was still bricked, then I removed the embeds from a couple pages more, and it return to normality)
After that I tried to embed the files again, but this time I embedded only the 10 larger ones of the last page. It was enough to crash Obsidian again. I couldn’t open other pages, when I tried it stood on the same page.

After a while, Obsidian unbricked, but the pages I tried to open while bricked all became with the content of the page with 10 videos.

Is it possible that it’s not the number of videos but maybe just one video with some weird codec?

does the console report any error? (Ctrl-shift-i)?

Discord chat:

this was fixed