Embedding headings respects hierarchy

Use case or problem

I want to embed multiple blocks / sections based on their hierarchical relationship. But currently embedding a heading means the embed stops at the next heading, even if that is a child.

Proposed solution

I would love for heading embeds to simply respect the heading hierarchy. In other words, given this content:

## Test Heading



### Child heading

More content

## Next Sibling

This embed code: ![[link#Test Heading]] would display all of the above text until the “next sibling” heading. That is, embedding a second level heading would also automatically pull in third, fourth, etc level headings.

Related feature requests (optional)


Yes please! This would be beneficial for policy/legislation notes!

Yes please.
Also, can this be extended to layered bullet points?


  • Main point
    - Sub point 1
    - Sub point 2

With ![[Main point]], ideally I shouldn’t just see “-Main point” but rather the sub points as well. ![[Sub point 1]] should result in just “Sub point 1”

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you can already grab bullet points by putting the block reference under them (but this may not be exactly what you’re looking for)


- first point
    - second point
    - third point

Then just embed that block id


Yes, thank you for that, I was not aware of this function. That said, I do think the default should be for embedded headings and bullet points to respect hierarchy - everything until a point/heading of an equal hierarchy level should be considered the same block for the purposes of embedding IMHO.


Tried this, but it doesn’t capture the heading, which (depending on your use) may also be important.

I think this is the crux of it! I’m glad you could write this out using language that is easy to understand. I had this idea in my head, but couldn’t figure out how to write it out!

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Wait, I’m confused. I thought this is what Obsidian does already?

(Left: embedded with ![[file#Test Heading]]; Right: Linked File)


+1 for the tip! :+1:

I also want to add this introduces a bug. I haven’t filled out a proper bug report because I have not seen this feature advertised in the docs. But here is where I have documented it:


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