Embedded PDF not displaying in iOS obsidian via iCloud sync

Hi all,

I’m new to Obsidian. I created a vault in iCloud with the iOS Obsidian app, according to sync instructions. I then installed PC Obsidian, and pointed it to the iCloud vault, as instructed. (I’m using iCloud for PC.)

Everything works fine… notes sync and update quickly, etc. The only glitch is that PDFs that I have embedded in files using PC Obsidian show up as grey rectangles in iOS Obsidian. This is both in the notes themselves, and if I click on the PDF itself in the Obsidian vault.

Things I have tried

I have pulled the PDF from iCloud onto my iPAD and opened them using a PDF app, and the file itself is fine.

I have copied the PDF from the iOS obsidian vault to another location on my iPAD, and the PDF in the vault is fine.

I have done a fairly comprehensive search for a solution, and there is one instance of a similar issue that I could find, but it was resolved without there being any explanation of how it was resolved.

Any help on this would be appreciated; I’m thinking it must be some configuration setting on the iOS app, but I cannot find it.

Thanks for any insight!

What I’m trying to do

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