Embedded Pages should behave like Headings inside a Parent Page

Use case or problem

Frequently, I have a page where some content is straight-forward headings and another part is another embedded page, e.g.

## Heading A
## Heading B
![[Another page for Topic C]]

## Heading D

Proposed solution

  1. You should be able to collapse embedded pages, just as you can collapse Headers (when enabled)
  2. Embedded pages should show up in the table of contents of the page and the search when using MainPage#EmbeddedPage, just as Headers do

Current workaround (optional)

Adding an additional Header in front of the embedded page.

### Header B
![[Embedded Page with title "Header B"]]

Problem: Looks aweful, as there are now two similar Headers directly above each other.

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this is an opinionated request. There is a sizable chunk of people who want the exact opposite. That is, for embeds to bledin with the text as much as possible.

Indeed - I hacked some CSS workarounds to make embedded pages simply appear inline, dropping the page title if a full file include is used instead of a heading level include.

That way the workaround described above looks clean.

It does mean I can’t have a heading title in the included page unless I work some more CSS magic though.

Hey! How did you manage to drop the page title ? I would like to do the same.

Some very hacky CSS used with Atom theme.

Cleans up some indentation for embedded content, strips the header so it looks more at home inline embedded.

Noticed some rendering bugs in some versions of obsidian that required it to be closed and reopened when editing, but not touched it for a long time now, so all stable from my perspective.

ps - this is my old school obsidian.css file - I had to use that to see edits as I was making changes due to a bug in the version at the time - I don’t think thats an issue any more and can be moved to css snippets.

Thanks! Will check it out.