Embedded notes: Option to show to title or not for each one

I do two types of embedding. If I have a page for research then I might be embedding something like A note containing a definition, and in these cases I like to have a title. If I’m embedding a quote it makes no sense to have a title. Currently, the closest solution to this is to use CSS but this makes me choose title/no title across all notes.

If we could add a change to way things are embedded.

![[notename]] would have the title.
!![notename]] would have no title.

I like the extra ! as ! tends to mean NOT in most languages.

An alternative syntax can be…


I would find this useful behind all imagination.

See response on the other post with a very similar topic. I’ve given you an answer indicating you’ve got more options than you think.

I retitled the post to describe the request (was “Better embeds”). Let me know if you’d like to change it.

Also, here’s the link to holroy’s answer in the other thread:

For single-paragraph quotes, you could embed a block link instead of the whole note.

I’m not sure what “Per-embeds” in the title would mean but I’m agnostic on the title.

I’m grateful for your help but I’m going to hope it becomes a feature rather than a workaround.

“Per embed” means “for each individual embed”.

I tried again (was “Per-embed choice of whether to include title”). While doing it I realized I hadn’t specified embedded notes as opposed to sections, blocks, or attachments.

SIRvb has a nifty snippet that covers a bunch of use cases