Embedded notes: Option to show to title or not for each one

I do two types of embedding. If I have a page for research then I might be embedding something like A note containing a definition, and in these cases I like to have a title. If I’m embedding a quote it makes no sense to have a title. Currently, the closest solution to this is to use CSS but this makes me choose title/no title across all notes.

If we could add a change to way things are embedded.

![[notename]] would have the title.
!![notename]] would have no title.

I like the extra ! as ! tends to mean NOT in most languages.

An alternative syntax can be…


I would find this useful behind all imagination.


See response on the other post with a very similar topic. I’ve given you an answer indicating you’ve got more options than you think.

I retitled the post to describe the request (was “Better embeds”). Let me know if you’d like to change it.

Also, here’s the link to holroy’s answer in the other thread:

For single-paragraph quotes, you could embed a block link instead of the whole note.

I’m not sure what “Per-embeds” in the title would mean but I’m agnostic on the title.

I’m grateful for your help but I’m going to hope it becomes a feature rather than a workaround.

“Per embed” means “for each individual embed”.

I tried again (was “Per-embed choice of whether to include title”). While doing it I realized I hadn’t specified embedded notes as opposed to sections, blocks, or attachments.

SIRvb has a nifty snippet that covers a bunch of use cases

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+1 on Matt’s request. I like the suggested implementation by Matt. My current use case is like what Matt is using as well.

When I’m making a paper, or long presentation, I use backlinks to reference a certain note I have. This works wondrously.

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But then I am making something like “My Best Practices” and I’m literally adding in notes that I have had so far on certain stuff, and it makes no sense of me to hold two notes of the same idea, so I’d just embed the note inside of the “MoC” note, for it to be like a long note.

The title “When creating a PowerShell script that makes a GUI…” is shown on the note, but I’d like it to be hidden, and I then put my own title on the MoC for that. The same goes to the “PowerShell” as that’s just the section I’m putting the information in in another note, that might just make it to verbose in the MoC I’m making here.

Yes, I use block links too. But those things work best with notes that you don’t change anymore. If you regenerate the note (I have a type of notes that’s being automatically generated via Zotero Integration plugin), then you lose them.