Embedded notes not rendered full height when exporting PDF

After the latest update, PDF export seems broken in the sense of not deploying all the linked notes in a master note to their fullest length.

To be specific, previously I was able to link one note after another and thus assembling a bigger master note. Then by exporting this master note, each linked note was printed from its first to last line. Now each note shows a few lines and the familiar right scroll bar that means nothing to a printed document.

Did I miss something?


I have the same problem. Within PDF generated from summary page with many items included, only some part of the included items make into the PDF. On the summary page the included items appear in scrollable windows. Looks like only what is visible in the scrollable window goes into the PDF. I would like the PDF to reflect the entirety of the included items on the summary page I am printing. Any ideas how to do that?

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I have the same problem. The md file with more than about 20 lines embedded in any md file could not show all its contents after exporting to PDF.
@Licat @Silver I am looking forward to the developer’s attention, reply and improvement.

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Will be fixed in the next release

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@Licat Thank you for your response!

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