Embedded images still introduce a line break

Steps to reproduce

![Engelbart|100](https://history-computer.com/ModernComputer/Basis/images/Engelbart.jpg) ![Engelbart|100](https://history-computer.com/ModernComputer/Basis/images/Engelbart.jpg)

Expected result

Images should stay in one row

Actual result

A line break is introduced between images


  • Operating system: MacOS 10.15.3
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.1

I can’t repro.

try no plugings no css

Thanks for the hint. It turned out to be cause by application of a customized community theme “Comfort color dark”. I guess I was lucky to find it quickly enough since there are many options to try. It would be good to have some simple way to temporarily switch to some safe default configuration of Obsidian to check for such issues.

BTW, this problem happens with 4 out of 5 community themes that I use.

Any hints on how to debug the themes, i.e. what is causing such issues?

I found the offending entry in the theme CSS. I had display: block; in embedded image img. Removing it fixed the problem.