Embedded images become attachments?

Hi everyone, I usually clip a few web pages and paste them into Obsidian. For some webpages, the images are copied as embeds so Obsidian basically renders them instead of them being attachments. What can be done to make these images not embeds but rather attachments so I can view the notes (with images) even without internet connectivity.

Install “Local Images” plugin

Tried it and it works great, except it downloads all images in one folder. I was hoping it could download images in the attachments folder in the current directory (where the note exists). Any way to accomplish that?

Well, there is another plugin called “Local Images Plus”, I’ve never used it but I think it can achieve what you want. On its settings I believe enabling this option does the job:

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Thank you! That might somewhat resolve the issue as it puts all images it in the same directory with the directory. Atleast I can move them to the common one.

The only problem I’m seeing which might be unrelated is that when I remove the move, the attachments are not getting auto removed. I do have “Auto update internal link” enabed

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