Embedded image behaviour in Obsidian Publish notes in iOS Safari

For notes with embedded images, published using Obsidian Publish:

On Mac/Safari and Windows/Chrome, images can be right-clicked and interacted with (“Save image as…”, “Open image in new tab”, etc).

On iOS/iPadOS/Safari, no options are available.

Is there a way to save an image or open in a new tab when viewing an Obsidian Publish note in iOS or iPadOS?

Any help much appreciated.


You can long press on the edge of an image (or an area with no text so Live Text doesn’t kick in), and you have a few options.


Thanks, that’s what I see too. What I need, though, is “Save to files” and “Open in new tab”. The latter, particularly is vital. I’m embedding large mind map images and the reader (my students) need to be able to pinch to zoom to see the detail…

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