Embed what happened one year ago

What I’m trying to do

Each day i write a “Summary of the day” on my Obsidian Calendar.
For no real purpose but to have it stand out I am not using a Heading but a call-out.

Now I would like to embed “what i did last year, this day” into my journal.

I ve been able to embed the Callout (this tread → Help on embedding a callout from another page - #5 by ariehen )

and i ve been able to embed an Heading from “one year ago” (this tread → One year ago plugin - #6 by rotello )

I ve been trying to mix them in the daily template with no success.

Going a bit more deeply

my daily template is

Notes of {{DATE:dddd, DD-MM-YY}}

[!ABSTRACT]+ Summary of the day

1 win from the day
1 point of tension, anxiety, or stress
1 point of gratitude

and so on.

Under the summary of the day of the current year
I would like to have embeded the “summary of the day of Year -1, -2…”

now i know i can call it with the [[ + ^
but is there a way to add it into a template?
i’ve learn the smart trick of “one year ago”

/ path:Planner file:"{{date:-MM-DD}}" -file:"{{date:YYYY}}-" /

How can i add the specific section with the above trick?

I had 3 solutions in mind

  1. using the Obsidian Plugin Journal Review -it s not as useful as i would like but it s better than nothing

Maybe working:
2) use dataview - but i don’t even know where to start
3) use the native search

for the native search i thought to use a variation of
![[{{date:YYYY-MM-DD}}#Notes of {{DATE:dddd, DD-MM-YY}}]]
but it loops on and on

and i dunno how to make it Year - 1

i am also willing to hardcore the Year ( it s super quick) but
![[{{date:2022-MM-DD}}]] embed ALL the year (no bueno)

On the contrary
![[{{date:2022-MM-DD}}# Notes of {{DATE:dddd, DD-MM-22}}]]
![[{{date:2022-MM-DD}}# ]]
![[{{date:2022-MM-DD}} ^]]

are not working.

basically the question is: How can i embed in the daily template a dynamic heading?


Try templater for the heading Yearly template - #6 by duifkruid

And to pull notes from today, one year ago, you can use dataview:

Heres an example for the notes modified today, one year ago:

	file.mtime.day = date(today).day
	file.mtime.month = (date(today) - dur(1 month)).month
	file.mtime.year = (date(today) - dur(1 year)).year```


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You’re welcome @rotello! If you don’t mind please mark the answer as a solution to help others in the future. Thanks.

at the end i did not want to use dataview so i ve not been able to test it as much as i wanted, but i can say it has been solved

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