Embed to website displays nothing in Live Preview and errors with Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB)

Hi there,

I understand that this is not really a feature that’s advertised as such but the docs Embedding web pages - Obsidian Help do mention that it’s possible to do embeds of youtube and twitter with the ![]() syntax and trying this with any URL displays nothing (which is the main problem) and also brings an error in the console.

Steps to reproduce

  • Create an embed to a website url such as ![](https://obsidian.md)
  • Nothing displays on the editor (in live preview mode)
  • The dev console shows:
Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response https://obsidian.md/ with MIME type text/html. See https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/5629709824032768 for more details.
Image (async)
t.initDOM @ app.js:1
t.toDOM @ app.js:1
t.sync @ app.js:1
e.sync @ app.js:1
(anonymous) @ app.js:1
e.ignore @ app.js:1
t.updateInner @ app.js:1
t.update @ app.js:1
e.update @ app.js:1
_dispatch @ app.js:1
e.dispatch @ app.js:1
Ws @ app.js:1
zs.paste @ app.js:1
n @ app.js:1
(anonymous) @ app.js:1

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]


Expected result


  • a placeholder
  • not try to render the embed and displays it’s source code instead

Actual result

  • nothing displays
  • error in console


desktop app v1.4.16

Additional information

Youtube and Twitter embeds work fine, as well as iframe embedding.

Yes, this is not a bug. It only works for YouTube and Twitter. I think there’s an open FR for the general case.

Thanks for the quick answer. Just to clarify, the disappearing of the embeds is the bug, I understand that the feature is not implemented yet, but I wanted to point out that in the meantime it’s a problem if text completely disappears from the document.

Also FYI on mobile it displays an ? icon. Which is arguably also not great.

To clarify further, I would consider it a fix if the source code was displayed for instance ![](https://obsidian.md) rather than empty space.

I hope this makes more sense?

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