Embed PDF Page With Relative Path

Given Directory structure:

├── Spring_2023
│ └── STAT 457 - Time Series Analysis
│ . └── lecture_1.pdf
└── Obsidian_Vault
. └── .obsidian
. └── lecture_1.md

[the later 3 periods are for correct whitespace]

In the Lecture_1.md note, how can I embed the first slide of lecture_1.pdf using a relative path name?

Obsidian likes to have the files within the vault, not outside of it.

It’s possible to get to it, in some cases, using javascript, but the better solution is to import the pdf into the vault.

If the pdf file is in the vault, with the given directory structure:

├── .obsidian
├── Lecture_folder
│   └── STAT-457
│      └── lecture_1.pdf
└── stat_lecture_1.md

How would I embed the first slide from “lecture_1.pdf” into “stat_lecture_1.md” using relative paths? (relative path is required for portability)

I’m having the same issue, but I cannot move the pdfs inside the vault.
Do you know how to link those files with javascript?

You can use ordinary file functions to access them, and then theoretically you could try to do some embedding of local files, but I don’t think it’s a good way to solve this.

And if you don’t know javascript, an even worse idea. Sorry to say so.

+1, this is badly needed for me.

I don’t understand the problem, it must be a technical one why full paths are supported (as in standard markdown) but not relative. I guess if it was an easy fix, it would have already been included.

In the Embed files thread there is another mention here.

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