Embed files of any type to the Obsidian script

While this feature is not fully implemented, I made a small script in Python.
It goes through your database directory and searches for files that are not currently supported for embedding.
For each such file, a “.md” file is created with the name = source file (including extension)+". md"
A small introductory text is written to the md file. A string “![file name](full path to the file)” is added to the end.
This allows you to open the file with a click, and also allows you to add a description of the file and whatever you think is necessary.
You can then link to the external file as another note in your notes using [[]]
There are 3 main variables in the script
SUPPORTED_FILE-list of extensions that the script will ignore.
BASE_DIR is the full path to your folder vault
OPENING_TEXT - the text that will be inserted before the link. Don’t forget about End of line

obsidian_add_file.zip (766 Bytes)