Embed file preview

Use case or problem

I have among my note properties
_ _
City: “[[Cities/New York]]”
_ _

However, hovering over the link does not show the page preview pop up. Nor is it shown as if it were a file embedded in the text.

Further below, in the text of the note, I have ![[`= this.City`]] but instead of incorporating the New York note it proposes that I create a new note literally named `= this.City`

Proposed solution

I would like it to be possible to embed items in metadata as well, as well as link to them, and in the case of links to be shown the preview by hovering with the mouse.

I would like a way to be able to reference metadata items in links/embeddings as well.

Try omitting the double quotes in the property.

I am no sure I understand what you are asking here. Moved to help.

I try.
Without quotes has turned orange, added quotation marks inside the double square brackets, my city contains a space, and is no longer even a clickable link

@WhiteNoise I think what I want is not currently workable.
I want among the properties, when I insert a link it enjoys the preview on mouseover. I also want to be able to put an embedding with ![[

Instead, in the body of the note I would like to insert an embedding for which the name of the embedded file is defined in a property. In this case the City property shows New York, so I would like to be able to use a syntax whereby I tell it to show as embedded the file whose name is cotenoted in the City property, in this case New York. But I am creating a template, so not having to edit the name for each note would save a lot of time.

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