Embed & Canvas: Narrowing to heading/block should keep cssclass settings of note intact

I first drafted this as a bug report, but silly me added the title last and then saw in “Similar Topics” that there was already a bug report for embeds in the bug graveyard (I only searched active bug reports prior) Embedding heading / block reference: CSSClass in YAML ignored
Unfortunately it seems that this is not seen as a bug given the comment by WhiteNoise, therefore I’ve created this feature request instead.
I will add my bug report draft below for further understanding.

Use case or problem

Narrowing a note to a heading or block via an Embed or through the Canvas does not apply the cssclass settings of the note.

Proposed solution

People put a lot of effort into making their notes look exactly how they want them to look, the specificity of cssclasses are a huge part of that, therefore I think that narrowing a note should still keep the cssclass settings intact.

Current workaround (optional)

None I’m aware of.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a CSS Snippet with a cssclass and add it to the Sandbox Vault

  2. Open Sandbox Vault and activate the snippet under Appearance

  3. Create a note with the cssclass in the frontmatter and the heading and block needed for testing
    Test Note

  4. Create a Canvas and add the note to it.

  5. Narrow the note to heading/block
    Canvas test

Expected result

I would expect that the CSS applied to the note via a cssclass is also visible if narrowed to heading or block.

Actual result

The css applied to a note via a cssclass are not visible if note is narrowed to heading/block in Canvas & Embeds.


  • Operating system:

Windows 10
Obsidian v.1.1.16
Sandbox Vault

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