Embed blocks of Atomic Notes to write / compose a new note

My research writing process includes:

  1. Write atomic notes that often have a couple of sections with headers and several paragraphs each.
  2. Compose the document I want to write by embedding blocks of several atomic notes and writing text fill the blanks in-between embedded blocks.

The problem I’m having is that if I embed the blocks by ![[note#header]] I get the atomic note header too - which I don’t want.

The alternative I know is to do it in a more granular way ![[note^block1]] ![[note^block2]] ![[note^block3]].

This way I skip the header but need to add several paragraphs/blocks from the source atomic notes. It’s time consuming and won’t work if I later add something more to the atomic note (that should update the derived note).

Is there an alternative that retains the structure of the atomic note and the derived composed note?

Thanks in advance.


It should be possible to hide the header in transcluded headings via custom CSS. There’ve been other people on the forum looking to hide the header title from embedded headings. You might try searching for those threads to see if anyone else has figured it out!