Embed a search "on headings" that includes all from past week in a folder?

I’d like to put an embedded search in my daily note template. It would search under the header/ section ## 3 Sentences or more on the day of all the previous week’s daily notes in the Daily note folder.

I looked at the search documentation for embedded search syntax and I’m starting to piece it together, this is where I’m at:

path:(Daily notes Folder/) `section:(## 3 Sentences or more on the day)   

I can’t figure out how to add syntax that will also search the last week to today in an embedded query.

Using the vantage plugin I built a search with natural language that searches the Daily notes folder for dates:
Start date: 1 week ago End date: Today
The embed look like this below, but that plugin doesn’t have an option for searching under headers.

file:(2022-09-11 OR 2022-09-12 OR 2022-09-13 OR 2022-09-14 OR 2022-09-15 OR 2022-09-16 OR 2022-09-17 OR 2022-09-18) path:(Daily notes) 

How might I combine these so it accomplishes what I’m trying to do? Is this possible with embedded search syntax?

Vantage does support sections — you can see it in the screenshot on the plugin page.

Other options:

If you use the Periodic Notes plugin, it adds date math to template tags, so you could make something like the Vantage query using “date-1d”, “date-2d”, etc. (actual syntax may differ).

There’s also a Natural Language Dates plugin that might help.

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Man, somehow I missed sections in Vantage. That solved it. Thanks!

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