Embebed canvas showing canvas text

Hello, I recently started working with canvas, because I had the idea to add them to my notes for the things that can be easily understood using a graph, but when I do link the canva, it doesn’t show the text or, in the case it does, it just shows a link the next time I open the note (see video to see example)

See video here: 4.93 MB file on MEGA

What happens

When I make the video to de canva using ! before the link, it displays no text, but if I remove it, the graph shows perfectly with the text and with options to edit it until I close the note and open it again.

See video here: 4.93 MB file on MEGA

**After my research, I have found some requests to show the text but none is resolved and I haven’t find anything on how to keep the text showing (cause in the video you can see after removing the “!” it works until next note opening. **

The feature I am asking for

A way to choose wether you want to show text or not when you embed a graph into a note, that way it would display text every time I open the note without having to add and remove “!” for it to show.