Email 3 (or n) random notes to me every morning

I love the “Random note” plugin, but in practice, I rarely set aside time for it. Readwise is, in general, less well-suited for my needs, but it does do one really clever thing: It emails me three randomly-selected notes every morning. That’s just enough to resurface them, but not so much that it gets in the way. I’d love to have the option of doing this in Obsidian.


I like the idea. And I use Readwise random quotes too. I look forward to their app.

But also, can you spot any reasons you don’t use it? I personally set it to a very easy hotkey. Cmd-R, so I do find I use it all the time.

Hm. Well, I dictate most of my notes on the fly as they come to me, so I don’t generally leave Obsidian open. So, generally, when I do fire up Obsidian, I have a purpose in mind—usually writing, and usually I’m already in that groove. So surfacing old notes would be a distraction. I liked Readwise emails because they hit me in the morning, when I have coffee in hand and nothing else on my mind. I don’t think Readwise imports Obsidian notes, though—looks like the flow is in the other direction, which doesn’t help me.